Things to do as a Torontonian

Just finished my registration to vote my mail, all I have to do now is to fill out the ballot and mail it back on time. If I execute the steps successfully, it would be my first time voting in Canada. I think voting should be on a list of “Must-do for all Canadians”, right?

I have been to a Raptors game, the CN Tower, the CNE. But there are some things that I feel to be very ‘Toronto’, that I have not done: Walk the Don Trail, go to a Blue Jays game and a Leafs game.

It is certainly not just a checklist to be completed, but a chance to feel what others in the city have enjoyed for so long.

First, I would love to go to a Blue Jays’ game. I have been to some exciting sports event, especially the 1996 Raptors Bulls game when Jordan’s buzzer-not-beating shot was half a second late. Yet, I am very curious to experience a baseball game. I played baseball a lot in elementary school, but I have never been to a game. There must be something alluring about the experience for it to continue for so many decades.

Second, as I will elaborate further in another entry, I have to do the Don Trail. My dad has biked downtown to work in the past on the trail, and I have heard of many people saying how great it is. Not only have I not walked the Don Trail, I seldom hiked or went into the nature during my youth. Back then, I was mostly addicted to computer games and tv.

Finally, the thing I am looking very much forward: Vote.

I left Canada after a bit of grad school. Yet, I never voted in those 6-ish years. I could have voted in 1999, 2000, 2003 and 2004. Why didn’t I? Hesitation, uncertainty, indifference, social non-pressure, and plain laziness to do it.

Even though I was quite into computer games and tv, I also studied and participated in work relating to the community and social justice. There are different theories as to why people do not vote. For me, I think I have simply taken it for granted.

But in Hong Kong, I was very eager. There was a sense of urgency to use my vote to affect some changes, or to at least send a message. But as the city changed, I realized that there are many ways that people’s power can be taken away in a few short years.

As a result, this year, I want to participate to ensure that my vote counts.



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Samson Wong

Building connections in Canada (Previously “Community/socially-engaged arts critiques and reflections from HK”)